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Italy to recognize Albanian driving licenses

Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj, in a post on his social network Facebook, informed the  Albanian citizens residing or visiting Italy for  the implementation of the “Amending Agreement on the Conversion of Driving Incenses “. The agreement will   enter into force on September 8, 2019.

“The entry into force of this amending agreement helps Albanian citizens resident in Italy, recognizing new models of driving licenses issued by the Albanian state, facilitating the costs and time for converting or acquiring Italian driving licenses without passing through. theoretical and practical tests of driving ”, writes Cakaj.

He also informed that the  Albanian nationals  do not need to obtain international driving licenses. Cakaj points out that Albania has undertaken the same efforts with other countries where there are Albanian communities, but due to the internal procedures and procedures of these states they are not completed yet.

“The Foreign Ministry will continue to promote the realization of such agreements with these countries as well as to assist our compatriots around the world as much as possible,” Cakaj writes on his post.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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