EU strongly supports media freedom in Albania

The ambassador of EU Delegation to Tirana, Luigi Soreca stressed the strong support of the European Union for media freedom and investigative journalism in Albania.

In a ceremony held at the premises of EU House in Tirana, awards were given for investigative journalism.

‘’In Western Balkan and in Albania mainly, the EU considers the freedom of speech and the freedom of media as a reference point for democracy, good governance and politic responsibility.

The aspiration to become a member of EU means that these two main pillars are well set and should be respected, underlined Soreca.

According to him, the EU is strengthening the capacities of media organization in Albania in promoting professional ethics and standards.

He encouraged the Albanian authorities to follow the consultation process with the media community for the draft amendments, taking into consideration the expertise of international actors, assuring a positive impact in the future of the legislative package on freedom of speech in Albania.

/ERvin Çali/

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