Meta meets Venice Commission delegation

Meta held a meeting today with the delegation of the Venice Commission, which is in Tirana on a fact-finding mission regarding the procedures for the dismissal of the President Ilir Meta.

The head of state has published a photo from the meeting and states that were the recommendations of Venice  respected, according to him, Albania would not be in this situation.

“It is a pleasure to host a delegation from the Venice Commission today. Had their recommendations been respected in the past, Albania would never have been in this situation ”, Meta writes on Twitter.

The meeting comes a day after Meta gave explanations before the Investigative Commission about the decision to annul the June 30 elections and promulgate them on October 13.

The delegation had a meeting with Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruci today, and is expected to have a meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama, representatives of the majority and opposition, the special inquiry commission, Interior Minister Sandar Lleshaj, CEC representatives, and the acting chairman of the Constitutional Court.

/Klara Ruci/

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