Venice Commission delegation meeting Albanian opposition


Today, in the premises of the Albanian Parliament, opposition parliamentary groups held a meeting with the Venice Commission Delegation, which is in Tirana at the request of the Albanian Parliament, in the framework of the activity of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, the legality of the actions carried out by the President of the Republic of Albania, in the context of exercising his powers related to the holding of local elections.

New opposition MPs praised the important advisory role of the Venice Commission in support of the Investigation Commission, and exchanged views on the current political situation in Albania and on the role that Albanian MPs play in resolving the political stalemate in the country.

Venice Commission delegation had also a meeting with two opposition representatives, Klajda Gjosha and Oerd Bylykbashi.

In a statement to the media, they declined to provide much details of what they talked about, while reiterating their support for the president’s decision.

‘This is one of the noble duties that the President of the Republic has performed, giving them the opportunity to hold better elections but the parliament is trying to discharge him “Bylykbashi said.

/Klara Ruci/

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