Albania defeat Iceland 4-2 in Euro 2020 qualifier

Albania scored its 3rd victory in 6 matches played for the European Qualifiers 2020 after beating Iceland 4-2 in Elbasan Areana. The first half started well for Albania, creating scoring opportunities with Manaj hitting the post after a corner kick.

The Icelanders react with Sigurdsonn, who shoots from outside the box, putting in difficulty the Albanian keeper.

It is Kastriot Dermaku who scores the first goal of the evening after a head shot coming from a volley of Hysaj. 1-0 and Albania goes to the dressing room in advantage of one goal.

The second half starts strong, and the Albanian defense is confused, allowing Sigurdsonn to score the equalizer. But the advantage didn’t last long, when Hysaj forgotten in the zone receives the assist of Manaj and leads Albania 2-1.

Iceland substitutes in Sigthorson, who scores the equalizer for Iceland only 3 minutes into the game.

Coach of Albania, Edi Reja is furious with the play and requires more pushing forward. It was after this pressure that Albania finds the third goal with Odise Roshi, giving a positive impetus to the game. Iceland lowers its game and Albania is there to benefit, scoring at the 82nd minute with Cikalleshi, thus scoring an important home victory against a direct opponent in group H of the European Qualifiers.

Albania currently holds the 4th place at the classification with 9 points.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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