Cakaj: IPA 2018 financial agreement signing between Albania and EU excellent news for Albania

The Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj, has considered the signing of the IPA 2018 financial agreement between Albania and the European Union as excellent news for Albania. “This agreement paves the way to receiving 94m Euros in financial support from the EU, in view of justice reform, rule of law, water treatment and tourism promotion,” Cakaj said.

According to him, “the continuation of substantive results in the five key priorities is essential to our country’s progress on the European path”. Cakaj emphasized that “the results of the so far reforms have been confirmed by the European Commission, which gave the unconditional recommendation for the immediate opening of Albania’s EU accession negotiations”.

Cakaj reiterated that, “the new EU funds for our country are an additional instrument that will help the internal transformation and its European path in general”. The annual IPA 2018 national program will support the sector of Democracy and Good Governance, the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights, the Environment sector, and the Competitiveness sector, with a total funding of EUR 94.1 million, as an EU contribution.

The IPA 2018 program aims, inter alia, to support the reform of the justice sector, with 42m Euros, while 19m Euros will be aimed at strengthening the rule of law and the fight against organized crime and drugs. Also, EUR 24.1 million will be given to improve the water treatment system which is very important for keeping our coasts and tourist areas clean.

Euro 6 million will promote tourism development, addressing our country’s cultural heritage.

/Klara Ruci/

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