Gender equality- Minister Denaj appeals for more investments in ”green” sectors of economy

The Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Blendi Cuci, participated in the activity organized by the Office of the UN, represented by the permanent coordinator, Brian Williams.

The topic of the meeting was the objectives for development and sustainability and the implementation of the principles of ‘’green’’ economy.

In her speech, minister Denaj expressed the continues efforts to incite the investments in the green sectors of economy and innovation in agriculture with a special focus on gender equality.

‘’The state budget foresees an increasing trend for expenditures on gender equality. In PBA 2019-2020 there are around 33 programs, 50% of the budget of all the ministries are in line with the process of gender financing. Their support will help us take another step forward to a better Albania’’- declared Minister Denaj.

/ERvin Çali/

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