Albania beaten by Turkey 1-0 in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers

Albania has lost in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers  against Turkey  1-0. The Albanian national team, who were only aiming for victory in this showdown, had many chances, but in the end the goal was scored by Cenk Tosun in the 90th minute.

Right from the start, it turned out to be a highly contested match as the Romanian referee was soon forced to draw four yellow cards.The second part was all about Albania and especially about Rey Manaj who lost so many opportunities. But in the end the Turks who seemed to have capitulated took advantage of a lack of coordination between defender Ismajli and goalkeeper Strakosha. Albanian goalkeeper Strakosha rushed towards the ball to parry it but Tosun made an easy header to bring the victory for Turkey.

With this result, Albania ranks fourth and officially out of EURO 2020. The only one the Albanian football national team are hoping for is a third place currently held by the Icelanders with 12 points while Turkey and France march for the first place, both with 18 points.

In other Group H matches, Andorra has achieved a historic result by beating Moldova 1-0. At least the fourth place for Albania remains untouched.

/Klara Ruci/

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