Meta to Conte: Italy remains one of Albania’s main trading partners

The President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta received today the Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy, Giuseppe Conte.
The Head of State praised the strategic partnership with Italy and thanked for the continuous support that Italy has provided to Albania over the years in the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration processes.
Mr. Meta praised the Italian PM Italy’s on the constant commitment in supporting the opening of Albania’s EU accession negotiations.

President Meta said that “we are following very carefully all the debate on the decision to be taken at the October 17-18 Summit on Albania and North Macedonia. We hope that the realistic approach of opening negotiations in principle for Albania and North Macedonia will be supported by all member states. ”
The President of the Republic praised the fact that Italy remains one of Albania’s main trading partners adding that there are still many opportunities to be used in further intensifying economic cooperation and trade exchanges. In particular, we expect a larger presence of Italian investors in Albania, he said.
“Albanian community and Albanian emigration to Italy turn out to be a strong bridge of cooperation between our countries and we should jointly increase efforts to preserve the rich Albanian language, culture and traditions alive next door, “said President Meta.

/Klara Ruci/

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