Rama: The path to the European Union and the strategic alliance with the US, the only alternative

“Albania has no other way or alternative but to walk the only path that our history has marked and which has been inherited as the safest in all the nation’s consciousness, the path to the European Union and the strategic alliance with the US,” Prime Minister Edi Rama stated  in his speech at a conference on US policy in the Western Balkans.

This, according to Prime Minister Rama, remains indisputable, because at the end of the day, what we all understand is that we are not making reforms for either the US or the EU, but for our own society.

In this regard, he emphasized that “the lack of making a well-deserved decision for Albania, without any discussion that has hit us psychologically for a moment, because the EU’s” Yes “is a source of energy to push ahead the reforms, but in fact, nothing has changed, because they are the same things that Albania had to do before taking the “Yes”, the same things it should do regardless of whether the “Yes” is coming or not coming in the coming months .

“It doesn’t depend on Albania, what we do, but on what they want or don’t want to do in the perspective of the Western Balkans,” Rama said.

/Klara Ruci/

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