RETRO Albania gathers car enthusiasts at ”Scanderbeg” square

‘’Scanderbeg’’ square has been invaded by a classic collection of old-timers, exhibited for the first time in such a huge space. The ‘retro’’ cars that belong to different car enthusiasts were exposed for the first time for the public, including some of the most important motor vehicles of the Albanian governments in years, notably, the S600 Pullman Mercedez – Benz that belonged to the infamous Albanian dictator, Enver Hoxha.

The head of the Directory of Road Transportation, Blendi Gonxhe declared that starting from 1 January; the cars that bear historic values will be excluded from taxes.  

‘’These are vehicles that date since before the war, on King Zog’s era. They are private cars, that belong to different individuals that are passionate of restoring old vehicles. These are rare cars, including the car of Hoxha , one of the three exemplars in all the world’’- declared Gonxhe.

‘’Starting from 1 November, these vehicles can be registered in the retro register of the Republic of Albania and from 1 January, these cars will have fiscal benefits, such as being excluded from the annual circulation tax and will have a special treatment’’ – underlined Gonxhe.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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