US Charge d’Affaires Leyla Moses Ones: Interfaith harmony, one of Albania’s greatest national assets

US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Leyla Moses Ones delivered a speech at the inauguration of the Albanian Muslim Community on the project “Youth Engagement for Building a Sustainable Community”.She stated that this project kicked off in 2015 to destroy extremist groups and to defend Albanian democracy.

“Because of the tremendous successes that the Albanian Muslim Community has achieved in voicing its concern for peace and promoting democratic values, coexistence and harmony for young Albanians, Albanian Muslim Community expanded the program a year later. This year, the program will grow even further.

One of Albania’s greatest national assets is interfaith harmony – an excellent role model for the whole world to be followed. This respect for religious freedom is shared by the United States and is one of the many reasons why we are such effective partners. The United States is proud of the initiative Albania has taken to establish itself as a regional leader against violent extremism. This project represents an important step in that effort” she said.

“We are thrilled to be inaugurating this project together, which will add to the work that Albanian Muslim Community has already begun to build sustainable communities, develop critical thinking skills among young people and uphold democratic values” US Embassy Charge d’Affaires Leyla Moses Ones was quoted as saying.

/Klara Ruci/

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