The Regional Cooperation Council supports a common trade for Western Balkan countries

Majlinda Bregu, Secretary General of the Regional Co-operation Council, attended a meeting of Western Balkan leaders held in Ohrid on Sunday. “The Regional Cooperation Council supports all initiatives that contribute towards an agenda for the creation of a common market for our region similar to the EU market, based on the four freedoms.

The initiatives should fully reflect the EU models and thus represent a cornerstone in our full integration into the EU, ”said Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretary General Majlinda Bregu.

“The final removal of barriers within our region is urgently needed. During the Poznan Summit , the Regional Council  initiated the idea of ​​a regional ID card travel agreement in the region, so we welcome all initiatives of real liberalization agendas for our region, be it in transport and trade facilitation, mobility, digitalization. or other areas, as there is no room for protectionism.

The RCC is ready to facilitate and intensify work on the implementation of the Multiannual Action Plan for the Regional Economic Area  and beyond, confident that a comprehensive framework will be achieved,  Bregu said.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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