German ambasador Zingraf praises the positive business climate at the port of Durrës

The German Ambassador to our country, Peter Zingraf  visited the Port of Durrës, where he praised the positive climate offered to the German business.

He was received by Durrës Port Authority Executive Director, Pirro Vengu, who expressed his readiness to further increase cooperation with the Port of Durrës, as one of the key actors of the country’s economic development and with great potential for the whole region.

Vengu briefed the ambassador on the steps taken by the Port Authority of Durrës to obtain the expertise of some of the main agencies of the European Union (Germany and France), focusing on legality, integrated border management and more efficient coordination of law enforcement agencies. in port spaces.

At the conclusion of the meeting,the German delegation stopped at the Western Terminal, where they were closely acquainted with the processing facilities of the port.

During this visit, the German ambassador was accompanied by the Deputy Ambassador and the two leaders of the German concession companies operating in the Port of Durrës.

/ERvin Çali/

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