Marco Zappa’s book of songs “Il vento soffia ancora…”(The wind is still bowing…) proved successful

Marco Zappa is a Swiss musician and multi-instrumentalist. He has a rich collection of thirty or more albums to his credit. His work, half-way between ethno-musicological research, world music and singer-songwriting, is rooted in the Italian and Anglo-Saxon alternative culture of the ‘60s. As an independent creator and producer, he has always worked in his own recording studio. A story of 50 years’ success.

He has performed not only in Italian but English as well. Marco Zappa has written a book of songs entitled: ‘Il vento soffia ancora…”(The wind is still bowing…) bringing to the reader and listener as well his entire life experience in his musical career. His songs stand out for their originality and real life characters. Rhymes aren’t absolutely necessary for him. As a musician he tries to avoid clichés, breaking the rules in songwriting and music as well.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, he plays many musical instruments at a professional level of proficiency simultaneously.  

Marco has a special bond with Albania. He is married to Elena an Albanian woman to whom he has dedicated some of his songs written from 2014-2017. She has been very much supportive to him along his tours. Marco has performed many concerts in Albania. He is a great friend of Radio Tirana. Marco Zappa has had many collaborations with Albanian musicians.


Below the interview with Marco Zappa


/Klara Ruci/






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