Minister Çuçi- An online database for those affected by the earthquake

All inspections for the damages that the earthquake left behind  will be done in real time and data will be transferred to a central database where anyone can see how many buildings and apartments have been inspected.

Minister Bledi Çuçi, in the capacity of crisis management group coordinator, declared that that “over the past 24 hours, work has focused on implementing the government’s decision to accommodate people in hotels.”

2573 people have been accommodated in the hotels of Shengjin and Golem. We started interviewing all the people who are there. We will respond one by one to people whose properties have been destroyed by the earthquake.

According to him, only in the first 530 interviewees, we see that there are also persons who are not directly related to the damage caused by the earthquake. “Understanding the first phase of the earthquake damage shock, we should gradually move to the final solution only for those whose property and possessions have been destroyed, indeed by the earthquake” – stressed the Minister.


/ERvin Çali/   Çuçi

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