Xhacka:We are not alone in this challenge thanks to EU countries’ assistance

At a joint press conference of the EU ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca and the Minister of Defense, Olta Xhacka, the minister said that the main challenge is the recovery process.

“A good friend is known in difficult times. Albania is not alone” she said adding that after this devastating earthquake all the damaged houses will be constructed in Durres and Thumana.

“We are heart-wrenched and it takes a long time before the wounds heal. We did everything to help everyone who needed help. In the midst of mourning and pain, the only beautiful thing that gives hope is the tremendous solidarity that flowed from Albanians and partners. It would have been difficult to handle such a situation alone. Unless  the help of 780 experts, we would have had many lives lost. They have our gratitude and will always be in the  hearts of Albanians. 400 objects have been evaluated so far. The figures speak of apocalyptic proportions of damage. The challenge is recovery, I am optimistic about the messages, readiness and assistance of EU countries and we are not alone in this challenge. ”said Xhacka.

/Klara Ruci/

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