Post-earthquake investigations / Chief Prosecutor from Durres: Responsibility will go either to the builder or to the official, no hesitation

Just hours after he took office, Prosecutor General Olsian Cela has launched in Durres an investigation into the November 26 earthquake.

The chief prosecutor stated that very soon the results would be tangible. Cela said responsibility will fall  on officials or builders,whoever they are, adding that the investigation will bring forth problems with the legislation.

“Durres Prosecutor’s Office is conducting investigations. An investigation team has been set up on the matter. We will give our utmost support in order to coordinate and to provide all necessary conditions  to ensure a prompt and efficient investigation and to respond to cases that we are aware of. I am pleased with what I heard. Prosecutors are motivated and soon the results will be tangible. There are people who have violated the law and many have lost their lives. Responsibility will fall either to the builder or to the official. There will be no hesitation in any case, ” stated Cela.

Chief Prosecutor Olsian Cela had a meeting with 4 prosecutors who are investigating the issue of earthquakes in the city.

/Klara Ruci/ 

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