Police arrests in Durres in the aftermath of the earthquake

Police have just launched a massive crackdown on arrests in the city of Durres. The arrests and detainment to the directorate are being conducted as part of  November 26 earthquake damage investigation that killed 51 people and injured dozens more.

The collapse of these buildings resulted in casualties, and investigations were registered for illegal construction and abuse of office.

The Durres Prosecutor’s Office has issued 17 arrest warrants, while some 30 builders, engineers and officials have so far been detained, who by their actions or inaction may have caused the tragic earthquake.

The detainees turn out to be the director and vice director of the Kavalishenc , Ahmet Doda and Kujtim Hasa, Arben Isaaku former director of ALUIZNI now vice director of the Durres Cadastre, Aldo Dakovelli chief of the Durres Cadastre and specialist Artemis Malko.

/Klara Ruci/

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