The most in-demand jobs through 2020 in Albania

The year 2020 begins with more hope for everyone. Hope for a better job, more income, job growth, career advancement. It seems difficult in an economy that is growing very slowly (2019 is expected to close at less than 3% expansion), or where the inflows of innovative foreign companies are lacking, but there are still some sectors where the demand for workers is high and promised salaries  as well.

The biggest demands, as in 2019, are expected to be for occupations such as manual workers, service workers, or sales workers. For employees, the maximum salary is up to Lek 40.000 per month, for service workers up to Lek 70,000, while sales agents are better paid up to Lek 180,000 per month.
For economists, accountants, marketing, call center, programmers, IT, and work from home jobs, the demand will not be on the rise, with salaries ranging from ALL 45,000 / month (for work from home) to ALL 200,000 (experienced programmers) .
Even executives will always be required and they are the most privileged of payers, with monthly allowances of 150,000 to 450,000 ALL.

During 2019, the highest demand was for three main categories:
1. Workers – employees who work on construction, on large infrastructure projects such as pipeline stretches, tunnels, facades, tailoring, etc.
2. Service employees – hotels, restaurants, shops, retail, customer service, etc.
3. Sales agents in terrain, business to business sales, food products’ sales, electronics, pharmaceuticals, dental medications, security products, financial services, etc.
Salaries for these categories in 2019 and expectations for 2020 are as follows:

These were the top 3 employment categories during 2019, which make up the largest number of employees.

As for 2020 the jobs in demand will be as follows:

1. Information technology profiles (mainly software developer / programmer profiles) – foreign companies mainly domestically and internationally.
2. Finance & Accounting – from specialist to managerial levels.
3. Human resources (recruiter-trainer-career developer and staff – HR documentation manager) – from specialist level to departmental level.
4. Marketing (traditional-digital-social media, etc.) – from specialist level to management level.
5. Call center – customer service operators in languages: German, Italian, English, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, etc.
6. Work from home – mainly phone sales profiles, administrative-coordinating jobs, assistant financier & accountant, profile designer, etc.
7. Logistics – supply chain / import-export, customs, etc. (mainly specialist levels).

/Klara Ruci/

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