Minister of Culture Margariti brings a fragment of ”The Missal” of Gjon Buzuku

The first book written in the Albanian language, ‘’The Missal of Gjon Buzuku’’, was finished on 5 January 1555. Centuries passed since this book came in our times as a precious heritage of Albanian culture.

The Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti, on the occasion of this anniversary, brought one fragment from this book, written on its original dialect:

The book was written by Gjon Buzuku, a Catholic cleric in 1555. The book contains 188 pages and is written in two columns. Meshari is the translation of the main parts of the Catholic Liturgy into Albanian. It contains the liturgies of the main religious holidays of the year, comments from the book of prayers, excerpts from the Bible as well as excerpts from the ritual and catechism. It was written to help Christians pray daily religious services. The only original known copy of this book currently is in the Library of the Vatican.

/ERvin Çali/

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