Foreign Direct Investment Growth / AIDA: 10 Reasons to Invest in Albania

Foreign entrepreneurs seem to be increasingly turning their focus to Albania. In the year we just left behind, Foreign Direct Investment topped 1 billion euros, up 10% from 2018.

Investment Development Agency, AIDA, gives 10 reasons why you should invest in Albania:

-Geographic position;

– free market access;

– business-friendly environment;

– one stop shop model;

– diversified investment opportunities;

– legal support for foreign investment;

– favorable tax system;

-competitive workforce;

– developing infrastructure;

-to be a global tourist destination.

Foreign Direct Investment in Albania increased by 7.3% for the 9-month period of 2019, reaching 810 million Euros, which confirms the government projections for 2019 to exceed the total of 1 billion Euros.

Also, for the third quarter of 2019 alone, foreign investment recorded a value of € 272.2 million, or 1.3% higher compared to € 268.6 million in the third quarter of 2018. There are already subsidiaries in Albania of some of the most important companies operating mainly in the telecommunications and IT sectors, clothing and automotive.

Every foreign investor is supported by the Investment Development Agency (AIDA) from the very first steps of establishing an investment in our country and continues to assist in cooperation with other line institutions. Some of the successful foreign investments in our country are: “Fusion BPO”, “Yura Corporation”, “Forschner”, “SV Mega”, “Innovaway”, “COTEX Textile”, “Giobert”, “Delmon”, “PSZ” Albania ”, etc.

/Klara Ruci/

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