Rare materials from the Congress of Lushnja exhibited at National Library

The National Library of Albania, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Congress of Lushnja (1920 -2020), brought through a rare exhibition, the latest collection from the archive, bringing to the public an important event of the history of Albania.

Rare collections such as the newspaper ‘’Albania, ‘’Official Notebook’’, and other albums and studies such as ‘’Congress of Lushnja’’, ‘’The Government of the Congress of Lushnja and its activity’’, ‘’The National Council’’, ‘’Congress of Lushnja and the war of Vlora’’ etc.  All these materials will be exhibited at the hall of the National Library.

The Congress of Lushnja opened its gates on 21 January 1920 , and the works were held from 28-31 January 1930. This is one of the most important congresses of the Albanian nation.

The Congress of Lushnja toppled the Government of Durres and elected a new national government led by Sulejman Delvina.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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