Rama receives the EP President David Sassoli

Prime Minister Edi Rama received today in a meeting the EP President David Sassoli. Mr Rama considered him”A friend of Albania and Albanians”. At a joint press conference in Tirana, Rama said that he discussed with Mr. Sassoli the reforms carried out by the government he leads, in particular the Anti-“Catch Whatever You Can”package.

“Today I am here with EP President David Sassoli who, besides being one of the most important figures on the political scene in Brussels,I can say that he is a long-time friend of Albania, and a staunch supporter of the enlargement process of Albania in the EU. I would like to point out that he has been for several years the head of Albania’s EP group of friends, with a very valuable contribution to trying to shape a true image of Albania.
We have discussed openly, he is a good friend  and as a friend he has expressed all his opinions, positive or critical, about what we have done and what we should do. We have been at the center of the discussion on the integration process, new dates, and in view of this discussion, we have exhaustively talked about the special Anti-“Catch Whatever You Can” law. I am pleased that the President’s visit today coincides with the first law enforcement operation on the ground, which I believe will convey a clear message with facts rather than words about how serious and determined we are to radically change this country,” Rama said.

EP President David Sassoli told lawmakers in the Assembly that the Anti-Catch Whatever You Can package contains both Italian and European elements, praising it as the right way to fight crime and corruption.
“The fight against corruption, organized crime, I come from a country that knows crime well, I was pleased to see that some experiences from my country can be useful for your country.
The reform carries with it something Italian, something European, the possibility of being strict within the rule of law. This is a fair way to fight corruption. Some remarks were made, we are convinced that in their reflection some countries did not attack on your faith and we noticed this, ”said Sassoli.

/Klara Ruci/

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