Austrian Ambassador Steiner: Austria supports the opening of negotiations for Albania

Austrian Ambassador Christian Steiner supports the opening of negotiations for Albania, while regarding the Zagreb Summit in May this year he says he hopes that Albania will receive a positive response to the opening of negotiations.

The Austrian Ambassador made this statement from Shkodra during a press conference organized by the Austrian Embassy in Albania and the Arka Center in Shkodra.

“We hope for the best, and the decision to open negotiations will be made very soon. A very important aspect is the support that Austria gives to Albania’s European integration process and we hope to have the opening of accession negotiations as soon as possible. Europe’s security and cooperation is also very important for us aspect, and this year Albania has also taken over the chairmanship of the OSCE which is a very important step and is doing a good job ”, said the ambassador.

Ambassador Steiner said that Austria is a friendly country and its presence has been in Albania since 1990, especially in Shkodra, where besides cultural exchanges and economic relations we attach special importance to education where one of the 8 Austrian schools in the world is open in Shkodra.

/Klara Ruci/

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