President Ilir Meta gathers the National Security Council

The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta gathered today the National Security Council , for the situation created by the presence of COVID-19 in Albania and the measures that will be taken in the future. The meeting was held online due to the measures of social distance and saw the presence of President Meta, Pm Edi Rama, the head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, Interior Minister Lleshaj, Minister of Health, Manastirliu and other members of the cabinet.

Issues discussed were as follows:

– Measures taken by the Government to cope with the situation in the country and prevent further spread of the consequences of COVID-19;

– Coping with the economic situation, from the effect brought about by the spread of COVID-19;

– Measures taken for the return of Albanian citizens who have remained outside the territory of the Republic of Albania.

Prime Minister Rama and members of the government briefed on the measures taken and the scenarios that would have to be met depending on the situation.

Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruci expressed readiness to fulfill the obligations of the Assembly in this situation.

Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha voiced the opposition’s concern and suggestions to tackle the pandemic.

The meeting of the National Security Council says the Presidency was conducted in a very constructive and cooperative spirit, and its main purpose was the unification of all human, medical and scientific energies and capacities to cope effectively with this difficult focusing on the protection of every citizen’s health, the national economy, social peace and security.

President Meta expressed the belief that in this spirit of unity and cooperation, the country will successfully overcome this difficult situation, not only for Albania, but for the whole world, in the best interest of every citizen of the Republic of Albania

The last time that the National Security Council  gathered was December 2019, right after Albania was struck by the powerful earthquake.

/ERvin Çali/ 


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