Veliaj: We will provide help to 35,000 elderly people living alone in the capital

Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj, speaking about the help the municipality is expected to provide to retirees, said there are 35,000 elderly people living in the capital alone.
Veliaj said that the municipality has a particular focus on helping this category, which may be most affected by the coronavirus. Erion Veliaj stressed that it is in these moments that those most in need should be helped.
“Today retirees are the most vulnerable people. The Roma also need help. But one cannot simply benefit from the fact that it belongs to these social strata. If there are people who want to provide help, we need them today. If we have help from everyone, I am confident that we will succeed. We owe it to parents and pensioners ”, Veliaj said.
Veliaj further stated that the measures would continue as long as the war continues. We have disinfected the city. We are ready for the next 3 months. For Veliaj, Tirana has no dramatic economic situation and wishes it did not.
As for small businesses, Veliaj declared that the government would provide a salary for two people in the family, while adding that big businesses should make more sacrifices this time. Solidarity cases are needed at this moment. If we say state, state, state, the state are we all, ”he said.

/Klara Ruci/

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