INSTAT: Mortality and morbidity fell in the first quarter

INSTAT has previously reported a declining trend of deaths in the first quarter of the year, compared to the same period a year ago. According to demographic indicators published by INSTAT, 6,115 people lost their lives in January-March, compared to 6,361 in the first quarter of 2019, with a decrease of almost 4%, or 246 fewer lives lost.

These are preliminary data and INSTAT claims that it will re-evaluate them in the future, due to the difficulty of gathering information from the Covid-19 situation.

Generally, the first trimester has a higher number of deaths, compared to other periods, as explained by doctors that the cold lowers immunity and this leads to the loss of lives of the weak, especially the elderly.

But INSTAT data show that in the first quarter of 2020, the number of deaths was the lowest in the last four years for the same period. The record was set in the first three months of 2017, with 6,791 deaths.

Doctors claim that one of the reasons for the drop in deaths may be related to the fact that the isolation has blocked the seasonal flu. “On the other hand, individuals, staying isolated and disconnected from work, have been prone to fewer heart attacks and strokes,” says Petrit Malaj, a pneumologist.

He adds that restrictions on movement due to pandemic in order to curb the spread of Covid -19 have positively affected the inhibition of another disease. Chronic patients with less exposure to viruses were less likely to need treatment. This, according to Malaj, was evident in March and April. Sources from the Mother Teresa Hospital Center claimed that during the period of restrictions, the requests for emergencies and hospitalizations had decreased by more than 60 percent.

/Klara Ruci/


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