Minister Klosi explains how the beaches will work this summer season

The Minister of Tourism, Blendi Klosi, explained  from Durres , the new way of applying for the beach stations. Priority will be given to hotels and big restaurants for placing lounge chairs and umbrellas.

“Hotels that have the first line on the coast will have to have priority to take advantage of the beach area in front of their hotel. Then there are the second line hotels, while in areas where there are no hotels, such as Hamallaj, or Lalzi Bay, permits for private beaches will be taken by restaurants with over 20 tables “, said the minister.

Klosi demonstrated in front of the cameras an online application in e-albania, also showing how the winners will be selected.

It is enough to upload these documents and the system responds electronically. It is then approved by the commission set up with representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Health. Once approved by the commission, you can make the payment according to the fees set by the Municipal Council of each municipality. Then the  contract is signed with the municipality, the baywatches  will be ready and  the work continues “, declared Klosi.

/ERvin Çali/

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