US ambassador Kim: If consensus is not reached, the parties should not continue with the requests

The US Ambassador, Yuri Kim, stated  after the meeting with the members of the Political Council for the Electoral Reform that “we have spent about 9 hours with all the members of the Political Council. It has been a long and difficult day, but progress has been made, it has been difficult for all parties involved. ”

In a statement to the media, Kim stressed that “everyone has been asked to give, so that Albania can win. Albania, our friend and ally is at a critical stage in its history. March 25 was a turning point. It is a vote for Albania’s future in Europe. ”

“As you are aware, the European Union has set a number of conditions for Albania to start negotiations for EU membership, among them is the Electoral Reform that is in line with the ODIHR recommendations,” Kim said.

Ambassador Kim said that “we will meet again tomorrow so that Albania can meet the recommendations of the ODIHR, so that Albania is a full member of the EU.” “If the parties reach a consensus on measures beyond ODIHR’s recommendations, we will agree with them.”

However, it continued that if consensus on these points, which the ODIHR has sought, is not reached, then the parties should no longer pursue these demands.

“As I said, we want Albania to be in Europe, this is the desire of the United States and the Albanian people,” Kim said, adding that the United States will do everything in its power to continue and support the Albanian people.

/ERvin Çali/

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