“Konrad Adenauer “research: RTSH has more credibility than private televisions

A research made by the German Kondrad Adenauer Foundation on the state of the public media in the Balkans says that public television in Albania has more credibility than private televisions.
The research measures citizens’ perceptions of the reliability of public television compared to private television, online media and newspapers.
43% of the public have confidence in public television (10% very high and 33% high confidence. Even public radio enjoys much higher reliability compared to private radios).
Why is public television more trusted today than private ones?
It is not only the fact that Albanians saw for the first time for free the 2018 World Cup, nor do they continue to follow with passion the great events that the public broadcaster produces and broadcasts.
Public television is trusted more because many things have changed in the span of four years.
Not only has the form changed, production and broadcasting have already been digitized, ART has the best distribution of digital signal in the entire territory of the country, but above all the mentality, politics and content of new and traditional programs have changed.
Every Albanian family paid four years ago and still pays 100 lek per month for public television.
Today, 4 years later is another situation, with 14 TV channels, 3 channels with general program and 11 with thematic programs, with channels dedicated to news, sports, music, movies, children, school, assembly, diaspora, minorities. No comparison could be drawn with the past years. RTSH is now not only on the screen, but it is found online, it is found on social networks and above all it is found in the best TV application in the region RTSH – Now. You can find public television with local broadcasting in the North and South of the country (RTSH Shkodra, RTSH Kukësi, RTSH Korça, RTSH Gjirokastra)
Public television has long suffered from political legacy as the party’s propaganda arm until 1990. Even during the first decades of the RTSH transition, it not only served the government, but was also used as a propaganda tool against the opposition.
The opposition is considered as the main and legitimate actors in the political game that has the space not only to transmit political attitudes, but also make charges against the government and protests are a pindaric leap in a very short time.
The list of changes of public television is long and the list of challenges for the future is not short, but at the moment it deserves congratulations that finally public television with no noise and fuss, but with consistent work is returning to the public.

/Klara Ruci/

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