Korabi National Park, a rare privilege to visit

Korabi National Park remains one of the favorite destinations of local visitors and foreign tourists as it offers a wonderful landscape and very interesting places to discover and enjoy in every season expeditions and admirers of wild forests and great heights.The National Agency of Protected Areas through scenery exhibits the natural beauties of Korabi National Park where the diversity and variety of plants make it a unique design destination for tourists.

The natural beauties are indescribable, the green plateaus, the steep peaks that climb and descend as if mountains are dancing with the sky, hills slowly descending towards the lowlands of the Drini river that meanders through the valleys in an endless line to the sea.

Korabi National Park in Albania has a wide range, located in the eastern part of Dibra on the state border between Albania and Macedonia. Korabi Mountain is the highest peak in Albania and Macedonia with an altitude of 2751 m above sea level.

The territory of the area that is proposed to be declared a protected area is characterized by a variety of relief forms associated with large rock formations, the most interesting part of which are gypsum formations on which forest vegetation grows in relatively difficult conditions, creating a fascinating natural ensemble with great panoramic effects.

The minimum height is 850 m above sea level and the maximum is 2764 m which is represented by the top of Korabi mountain. The diverse relief is suitable for the development of mountain and alpine tourism, which highlights the need to design management plans after the declaration of the territory as a Protected Area. The proposed part to be declared a Protected Area includes a part of the southern territory- east of Kukës district, which borders the state border of the Republic of Kosovo, descending further south along the eastern border that separates the Republic of Albania from that of Macedonia and continuing with the Deshat mountain ranges, to the border point of Bllata.

The large variation of this territory in terms of altitude has given life to a rich forest vegetation. Thanks to the extremely high levels of biodiversity, combined with the beauty of the landscape and the historical and scientific importance they present, the forested areas around Lake Mavrovo were declared a National Park in 1949. It is a park that offers rare beauty, It has become a destination that every tourist would dream of, a rare place that is a privilege to visit.

/Klara Ruci/

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