Rama to Hoti: Albania will help Kosovo in all its processes

Prime Minister Edi Rama had also a meeting with his Kosovo counterpart Avdullah Hoti, where he thanked him for the support that Albania has given to Kosovo. Hoti said that the Government of Kosovo naturally considers Albania as the closest and strategic partner in the process of achieving the Euro-Atlantic integration goals.

Speaking about the new situation created in Kosovo, Hoti reiterated that Kosovo has already   proven an institutional culture to face with dignity such challenges that are not easy. Hoti also reiterated that, despite the circumstances and difficulties that may arise during the process, the Government of Kosovo is committed to developing its Euro-Atlantic integration agenda.

“We are determined to continue the dialogue process with Serbia, in order to reach a permanent peace and stability agreement, which will result in mutual recognition between the two countries,” he said. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rama offered the full support of the Albanian government to the institutions and people of Kosovo.
“Albania has stood and will always stand by Kosovo,” Rama said, emphasizing that in the future, Albania will help Kosovo in all its processes. At the end of this meeting, Prime Minister Rama invited Prime Minister Hoti for an official visit to Albania, which is expected to take place this Friday, July 3, 2020.

/Klara Ruci/

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