Rama: Reconstruction of Kombinat area, a vision for Tirana of the next generation

Prime Minister Edi Rama considered “the plan for the reconstruction of Kombinat area”, as a very ambitious project that more than a reconstruction project is a vision for Tirana of the next generation. One of the areas most affected by the November 26 earthquake in Tirana, aims to become a new pole of economic, social, cultural development.
KombinArt envisages the construction of new free apartments for all affected families and a development potential for the accommodation of 20,500 inhabitants; 4 new educational institutions; 9 social and cultural points.
Mr. Rama said that KombinART will have 5 public squares with new services: Technology Square (TECH Square), Museum Square, University Square, Garibaldi Square and Gastronomy Square ”.
“The Kombinat project says a lot about what we want to do. I am grateful to Markos and Stefano Boeri, or even to Mario Kuçinella for the Spitala project, massive projects for major European cities as well. They are really massive and very complex interventions that give us the opportunity to accommodate people who are homeless, damaged institutions that are actually a large number, and to create a new infrastructure, “said Prime Minister Rama. The prime minister assured that “we will start with the people and very soon, in a few weeks, we will start building the first individual houses in many areas.”

/Klara Ruci/

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