Belshi, the city of lakes, is visited by thousands of daily visitors

The town of Belsh, the heart of the Dumre area, in recent years has become part of tourist guides in our country. Investments in revitalizing its center, building a pedestrian zone, and creating usable areas around the lake have created an oasis of calmness.
But in the evenings and especially on weekends, this beautiful ensemble is enriched with the liveliness and joy not only of the locals, but also of many friends. To make the evenings as diverse as possible, the city council and the residents have made available to visitors the bicycles and the boat which has been used by a large number of visitors these days.
Last summer, Belshi and the tourist village near it Seferan were visited by about 36 thousand tourists, but for this trend to continue and Belshi not to remain a daily alternative, accommodation capacity needs to be increased.

/Klara Ruci/

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