French company ”Voltalia” to build the photovoltaic park in Karavasta

The Albanian government and the French company “Voltalia” have signed  an agreement for the construction of the Karavasta Photovoltaic Park.
The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku has considered it as a success of an excellent cooperation between a government of the Balkan states and a government of those who today lead the EU. “So this success today is not a success that belongs only to the economic growth of Albania. Over 100 million euros will be injected into our economy. “But let’s not forget that we are in 2020, an economically difficult year for the whole world and” Voltalia “has found the Albanian market attractive to invest this considerable amount, in the most difficult economic year for the whole world”, said Balluku.
She stressed that “we have set up a model process which will undoubtedly be followed in other international auctions, be it for energy, infrastructure or any other type of economic development that will have to have in our country.” “Today we sign for pave the way for the construction of this park as soon as possible. To pave the way for a new cooperation, which is a business card of Albania in France. With this process we will be proud and we have opened a new path and we have created an example for other French investors who are welcome in our country and will have the support of the government “said Minister Balluku.

/ERvin Çali/

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