Port of Durrës / In July, about 76 thousand tons of goods were transported

During July, the ferries Durrës-Bari and Durrës-Ancona and return, in addition to passengers have transported about 76 thousand tons of various goods, marking another gradual increase compared to previous monthly data.

According to an announcement from the Durrës Port Authority, within a month, 6,218 trucks and 488 trailers with a total of goods were processed from the ferries that were docked in the port of Durrës.

The ferries that arrived in Durrës in July brought 50,427 tons of various goods, while 25,538 tons of export goods were sent to Bari and Ancona. During the month of July, the ferries have made 88 round-trip cruises from Durrës to the Italian ports.

/Klara Ruci/

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