Important announcement for those who will be traveling to Athens from 17 to 31 August

All those who will be flying to Greece from February 17th to August 31st, and have a residence permit in Greece or an EU passport, must submit the Covid-19 test completed 72 hours before the trip.

The announcement was made by Tirana International Airport.

Excluded from this condition are passengers who will transit through Greece and children up to 10 years old.

“To the attention of passengers flying to Athens from August 17 to August 31

Aegean Airlines stated that passengers flying to Greece from 17 August to 31 August, who have an EU passport or residence permit in Greece, are required to show a negative molecular test (pcr) for Covid-19 , carried out up to 72 hours before arrival in Greece. This certificate, in English, must contain the name and passport or identity number of the person to be displayed to the officers of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, upon arrival in Greece.

Airlines are required to verify this certificate before boarding the aircraft and in the absence of this certificate, passengers are not able to travel.
Passengers excluded from displaying negative molecular test (pcr) for Covid-19 in connection with flights from Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and North Macedonia are:

Passengers in Transit (international flights and non-departure from the airport premises)
2. Children up to 10 years old.

Before check-in:
• It is mandatory that all passengers on international flights fill out the electronic passenger form published at: one day before arrival.
• Passengers will receive a QR code which will be used by the Hellenic Civil Protection to identify the Random Covid-19 test upon arrival.
“Passengers must keep and be able to demonstrate to the authorities the QR code in an electronic or printed format upon arrival,” the statement said.

/Klara Ruci/

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