Pm Rama: The Western Balkan Region’s future is the EU

Prime Minister Edi Rama insisted that the Western Balkan Region has no choice but to integrate into the European Union. Pm Rama made his statement at the beginning of the conference “Europe, Reinforcing  Cohesion in turbulent times” organized by “The Economist”, known as the “24th Round Table with the Greek Government”, which is traditionally held every year in Athens. “Happy neighbors, happy family” the Albanian Prime Minister quoted a saying of his late mother the event.

“We are surrounded by EU member states and are practically European citizens, so our request is legitimate,” said the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev.

The conference is attended by well-known personalities of the European political and economic world.

As RTSH envoy Denada Shkodrani reports, the focus will be on the impact of the recent coronavirus pandemic on the global economy and business, Brexit, migration flows, economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions in the region.

/ERvin Çali/

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