Head of Central Election Commission resigns

The current head of the CEC, Klement Zguri, has resigned his post.
He was appointed to this post after the agreement of 17 May 2017 between Prime Minister Rama and the leader of the opposition Basha, while officially his mandate ended in November this year.
But as the new Electoral Code provides for the creation of a new CEC by October 19, Zguri seems determined not to wait for the end of his term.
He was the only remaining member of this institution proposed by the opposition outside the parliament.
Mr. Zguri, 63 years old, a lawyer by profession, is one of the oldest members of the CEC over the years. He has been a member since 2009 elected by the DP. Mr. Zguri has led several election processes. The last two are the 2017 general elections and the 2019 local elections.

/ERvin Çali/

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