Prespa Lake, a real tourist destination

The Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, assessed the preservation of biodiversity and natural resources in the Prespa area, in the municipality of Pustec, in the southeast of the country, as very important issues in government policies. Klosi said that, “Prespa is a natural resource with special values, for which we must all work together to turn it into a major economic resource.”

During his speech at the plenary session, Klosi reiterated that, “we have tried and organized a series of activities in cooperation with the municipality of Pustec and the region of Korca to turn Lake Prespa and the area of ​​Pustec into a real tourist destination. Last year alone, there were 110,000 tourists who visited the Prespa and Pustec area, which undoubtedly contributed to the improvement of the area’s economy”.

The Minister emphasized that, “already in the area of ​​Prespa, the municipality of Pustec, there are some inns and reception units for tourists, which were missing two years ago. There are over 100 beds on that small lake shore while demand is constantly growing. “Today Pusteci is a destination and on days of the year it is difficult to find free places to have lunch without booking.”

Klosi added that, “the government has undertaken radical and multi-sectoral projects in this area that include investments in cultural heritage rehabilitation, drainage canal systems, sewage treatment, environmental protection, agritourism development, etc.”. He stressed the government’s commitment to preserving Lake Prespa as a symbol of neighborliness between our three nations.

/Klara Ruci/

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