British Ambassador Norman: June 5 agreement should not be changed; it should continue in a transparent manner

The British Ambassador in Tirana, Duncan Norman paid a visit to Shkodra, where he also responded to questions from journalists.

He touched on many issues, but focused mostly on the hottest topic of today, such as the political stalemate and the disagreement of the political parties even after successive meetings between the majority and the opposition.

Norman said the June 5 agreement should not be changed and that any continuation of it should be done transparently so that there is political consensus. He stressed that if there was political will then elections would be free in the country.

The ambassador said that the cooperation will continue to have a better monitoring of the upcoming elections in the country. Norman also spoke about his attitude towards President Ilir Meta, emphasizing that he has an important constitutional role in the country.
Regarding the political stalemate, he said that the Council should continue its work and if this does not happen then it will act arbitrarily.
Norman stated that European integration is one of the biggest dreams of the country, and Britain supports Albania in this difficult journey even though it is no longer part of it.

/Klara Ruci/

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