The relationship between TAP and Albania after the completion of the pipeline

Malfor Nuri, TAP manager for Albania stated that within the fourth quarter of this year, the TAP pipeline will transport the first amount of gas. TAP was the largest project ever implemented in the country, worth about 1.5 billion euros for the Albanian session, bringing a new model, not only for the quality of work, but also social responsibility programs.

Malfor Nuri, TAP manager for Albania says that “we hope the example of the successful implementation of our project will encourage other international investors to come and do business in Albania”.

He adds that after the completion of TAP, the ongoing maintenance of the pipeline will be done through the contractor AGSCo, a “joint venture” between AlbGaz and SNAM. The Italian company SNAM and Albgaz, the Albanian gas infrastructure operator, have signed an agreement, setting up a joint venture, which aims to provide services for the operation and maintenance of pipelines in Albania.

TAP has provided exit points at various locations along the pipeline route, two of which are in Albania, which enables access to the use of gas passing through TAP pipelines.

TAP aims to be a good neighbor to local communities in the long run. After the completion of the construction phase, we will start transporting gas, thus entering the operation phase. We will continue to focus on health and safety issues, as well as continuously inform communities on the importance of living close to a pipeline infrastructure.

/Klara Ruci/


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