Opposition Draft on the Electoral Code / Yuri Kim: The opposition took over the responsibilities and continues to stay engaged

US Ambassador Yuri Kim reacted  from Himara on the Electoral Code draft of the opposition, reiterating that she is pleased, the opposition took over the responsibilities and continues to stay engaged.

She also highlighted that the parties should keep their word for ‘June 5’, while emphasizing that they should bring real proposals to the table.

Today, the United Opposition submitted to the Political Council its draft amendments to the Electoral Code that provide for a 100% opening of the lists, allowing pre-election coalitions and adjusting the gender quota in the mandates in case it is not respected.

“I am very pleased that the opposition outside the parliamnet took its responsibilities to stay engaged to find a way to represent their people. She also stated that it is extremly important for all the parties to put forward the proposals that are real and the counter-proposals  that are areal. I understand that the opposition has put a concrete proposal today. I am very pleased to have also heard that the SP will take this counter-proposal, and there will incoorperate to the extent possible and there will be a real debate. This standard of conduct of transparency and inclusion is exactly what we should expect from a  country that is a member of NATO, an EU candidate, and a chairman-in-office of the OSCE. They are high standards but you deserve them,”Kim was quoted as saying.

/Klara Ruci/

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