Gjonaj: With the establishment of SPAK and BKH, punishment at all levels

The Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj stated yesterday that “650 disciplinary measures have been taken for all those who have committed violations or abuses of duty, or corruption”.

Minister Gjonaj said for RTSH that “in cases when there were indications of corruption, all cases have been sent to court and there are about 38 cases that have been sent to court”.

“Following the results of the anti-corruption task force, the anti-corruption network has already been set up, which is a more stable structure where there are anti-corruption coordinators who will be attached to all agencies, which have a higher perception of citizens about corruption in property, taxes, customs, various inspectorates, health, education “, stressed Gjonaj.

Gjonaj stated that these cases are noted at the central level and almost a double number will be in the regional agencies that will serve as citizens’ advocates in cases of denunciation or abuse of office or corruption.

“This belongs to the new measures and together with the judicial bodies SPAK, BKH, the special court will provide all the possibilities to have punishment at all levels. There have been results, but more work will definitely be needed, we have a newly established institution such as the special prosecutor’s office. BKH has a director, but the structure that will carry out all actions on the issue of corruption in the criminal aspect has not been completed yet. In the administrative aspect we have shown our results, more will definitely have to be done and we have not only the will but also the commitment to take any punitive measures for those who commit corruption “, – underlined Gjonaj for RTSH.

The Minister further stated that “SPAK has had a transitional period and continues to have it due to the transfer of a number of files from the Serious Crimes Prosecution, obviously within their jurisdiction. But the SPAK itself, which will be assisted by BKH as soon as the structure is provided with investigators and judicial police officers, will have the opportunity to give priority to those the big issues. By the end of December, when the structure of BKH is completed, we will have the opportunity to have some results “, – said Gjonaj .

/Klara Ruci/

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