The European Commission praises ART for its consolidated achievements in the field of technology, programming and content

The European Commission positively assesses the work of ART in its progress report for Albania for 2020. The report estimates that ART has made progress in terms of programming, program content and technology. The completion and operation of two digital broadcasting networks DVB-T2 – one network for the package of 15 channels of ART and another network for private operators, is assessed as one of the achievements of the Public Broadcaster.

During the last 4 years, the EC has praised ART in annual reports for Albania, for digitalization, for the introduction of new technology, for editorial standards, for professional coverage of elections and enriching the offer for viewers. “I can express nothing but satisfaction that our continuous, daily efforts, of the entire staff of journalists, managers, technicians and all other staff are valued in a serious report on Albania,” said the General Director of RTSH Thoma Gëllçi.

The report for 2020 further consolidates the positive assessments of the reports of recent years, for the radical changes, both in form and content of the Albanian Public Broadcaster.

But which are the changes that brought for the first time positive assessments in increase by the European Commission? The main challenge of RTSH has been the comprehensive transformation of television and the change of mentality that this television would be at the service of the forthcoming government.  The technological transformation, the construction of the digital network and the transition to digital broadcasting while running in parallel with the addition of programs and the bouquet of channels for the viewers, without any additional payment are other challenges of ART.

The General Director of ART, Thoma Gëllçi notes that one of the concerns of the EC report is how these achievements, technological improvements, content and programs will be translated into increasing the audience.  “ART has its indicators that the audience has increased a lot by going to the listeners and viewers in many forms, such as digital terrestrial, satellite, internet broadcasts on OTT and WEB. In the same logic during these years we have worked with additional thematic channels, the enrichment of programs, to respond to the public of any age group, the formatting of generalist channels, with a clearly defined focus dedicated to the general Albanian public, minorities and compatriots,” said Gëllçi stressing out that the report has also emphasized the need of ART for a greater financial independence, for a greater financial stability and to increase the level of financing.

In addition to the quality of its broadcasts, entertainment and education, the public broadcaster has also got the mission of informing. “Opening a channel dedicated to the school that serves not only directly to the education system in Albania, but to all the people, is one of the roles that Public Broadcasting should play,” said Mr. Gëllçi.

The European Commission progress report notes that the digital infrastructure of the public broadcaster (RTSH) has
been completed throughout the country.

/Klara Ruci/


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