Tourism boosting economic development

 Tourism is boosting the Albanian economy obviously. The recent figures provided by the Bank of Albania for the period January – September shows that revenues generated by this sector turned out to be €1.3 billion, marking an increase of 13%. In the recent years, revenues from tourism have increased, while last year, they reached a record figure of €1.5 billion.On the other hand, according to the Institute of Statistics, for the period January-October of this year, the number of foreign tourists entering Albania was 4.6 million, 7% more than the same period last year.

According to the Bank of Albania, only in the third quarter of the year which is the peak of the tourist season, foreigners spent over €588 million in Albania for tourism or various trips.Meanwhile Albanians are also spending more on trips abroad. According to the Bank of Albania in the first 9 months of the year, the expenses of Albanian citizens for travel abroad were € 973 million. This means that the net contribution of tourism to the Albanian economy, that is the difference between incomes coming from abroad and expenditures that Albanians make in other countries is about 340 million euros, which again remains one of the most important sources of currency for the economy./Klara Ruci/