Arta Marku shakes off the Prosecution with major changes

After coming to the helm of the General Prosecution, Arta Marku kicked off a restructuring process of the prosecution body targeting forging ahead with the fight against high-level corruption and powerful criminal groups.

After making major changes in the high ranks of the General Prosecutor’s Office and district prosecutors, Marku has also has taken effective measures to punish prosecutors’ violations in the performance of their duties. With new legal changes, the Chief Prosecutor is granted the right to disciplinary prosecution of prosecutors for violations in their duties’ accomplishment. It is reported that a working group has been set up to carry out inspections in all the country’s prosecution offices. The inspection aims to ascertain violations made by the prosecutors during the work. After verification, concrete measures are foreseen. Through this ‘action’ she targets the orientation towards the objectives meeting for the integration process, set as a condition by the EU.

/Klara Ruci/