EU-Albania roundtable:Majority-opposition pledge to work together for negotiations opening

The majority and the opposition agree on the process of opening negotiations with the EU. At the conclusion of the two-day meeting of the inter-parliamentary Stabilization and Association Committee, the parties agreed to ask EU member states to recommend the opening of negotiations with Albania and set a date. The resolution contains some of the opposition’s proposals, such as the fight against organized crime, corruption and the need for free and fair elections. Even the leader of the EP delegation Macovei stated that she strongly believes Albania will receive the recommendation for opening negotiations.

 MP Taulant Balla praised the full agreement with the opposition on the Council’s recommendations underlining that “Finally, we came to terms with the opposition on the recommendations that the Stabilization and Association Committee addresses to the Council, the European Parliament on how the Committee sees the main issues. The main news for you is certainly the fact that  MEPs and Albanian MPs have come together to ask the member countries via the Council and Committee to recommend the opening of accession negotiations with Albania, to set a date for the start of the negotiations. The Committee appreciates the so far achievements in meeting the 5 key priorities in our path towards European integrity and certainly highlights the 100% consistency of our foreign policy with that of the European Union. “/Klara Ruci/