Macovei" June elections were the best. Fight corruption!

The Speaker of the European Parliament delegation at the EU-Albania Stabilization and Association Round Table discussed the election reform and corruption in the second session of the table.  Macovei dismissed opposition‘s allegations about the general elections, underlining that parliamentary elections on June 25 were the best. “The OSCE / ODIHR report says the elections were in line with the standards, “she said.

During the “12th Meeting of the Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee of the European Union-Albania”, Macovei stressed that an election law helps the country to work all together.   “There should be no pressure, administration should not be used, and it is a phenomenon that is happening in many countries. I want to rely on the OSCE-ODIHR report on Albania; some of the recommendations have been made. There is a lot of work ahead to be done. The authorities have to deal with the electoral reform, it is very important to move forward. The harmonization between the media and the campaign is indispensable; all must be together for the implementation of reforms. An election law helps every country and for us it is important to work all together and make changes to the law, “the EP official said.

The MEP asked the Albanian political class to put more efforts in the fight against corruption. “The opposition and the majority must understand that corruption leads to poverty. EU expects tangible results from Albania. It is not enough to compare with the past, but you have to move forward and see the positive examples in Europe. Even in the EU there are some corruption-level countries, but if there are two problems at home, why to add a third one. Corruption makes life more difficult and loses the confidence of Albanians. The budget money is of the citizens, “she said./Klara Ruci/